Top Safety Measures Hair Salon in Tyler Tx Are Following To Fight Covid-19

After the lockdown of all around the world, many places are getting opened up including the hair salons in Tyler Tx. Along with the salons are embracing various safety measures to keep them as safe as possible.

Now, is the perfect time when customers can visit a salon and get a rejuvenated therapy which they have missed for so long! From getting a haircut to enjoying a hair spa; every service is available at Star and Beauty Salon that let you enjoy your most awaited relaxing time.

But, the question still arises that is it safe?

Although the government has allowed the hair salon in Tyler Tx to get opened but with advice to keep all safety measures as their priority.

Understanding the need and current scenario we are also taking all protective and strict guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Here’s everything that we are following which you need to know when you visit our salon in Tyler.

Rigorous Screening of Employees and Customers

Salons have implemented great measures some of which includes daily temperature check of employees and customers, strict social distancing by keeping fewer staff and usage of single sits on most of the services.

All these steps matter a lot to reduce the chances of transmission. The new protocols let us as well as customers to keep preventive measures and reduce direct personal contact. Therefore, we are also focusing that our staff and customers are welcomed at the salon only once they pass the temperature check.

Advance Appointment Entry

Things are changing and so are the etiquettes. We are offering advance online booking facility that helps us to manage fewer customers at a time with no crowding. This means you can’t just simply walk at the salon door whenever you feel to get an instant makeover.

Instead, now you have to plan and book an appointment on our website if you want to have any of our services.

Masks are compulsory

Today the mask has become the identity of a person. If you are not wearing the mask, you are not allowed to enter a place or even go outside your house. So, the first thing you should do as soon as you step out is to wear a mask.

Hair salons are also keeping it at their priority and only allowing staff and customers with their mask on.

Usage of disinfected and disposable fabric

We understand that cleaning a cloth with every worn out is not possible or is a difficult job to manage, this is why we give disposable fabric to customers. This allows them to throw the cloth after their hair service is done.

It further ensures customers that they are not contaminated with any dirty cloth and safety hygiene is maintained in a better way.

Regular washing of hands by staff

Our staff and all hair experts at our salon wash their hands after every personal contact. We understand the need for the clean hand which is why we ensure that our staff hands are cleaned and properly sanitized. Therefore, customers can easily get the ideal treatment for their hair without being worried.

Tools are sanitized and sterilized after every use

We use many professional hair tools such as scissors, comb, hairdryer, hair straightener, curler, etc. and thereby we ensure that every tool is sanitized and sterilized after every usage.

Our team of hair experts at hair salon tyler tx use disposable napkins and proper sanitization steps to clean every tool minutely.

This isn’t all, but we also make sure that the salon chair is cleaned and followed by all cleanliness measures.

Other Essential Protective Measures

Besides these basic measures, there were many others small but essential measures taken by the team which helped to cope up with the covid-19 pandemic.

· The protective gears such as gloves and aprons are used by the staffs almost 24/7 when they are at the salon.

· Post-Covid affects, the salons have undergone a major reorganization and changes such as re-arranging essentials.

· Social distancing is the top priority which salons are focusing on for which they are making an online appointment and not crowding up spaces with too many customers or staff members.

· Unnecessary elements and things are also getting removed including magazines.

· All the staffs are keeping their sanitizers handy so that they may use it whenever they are in contact with anything.

· Electronic payments are preferable to eliminate the contact of money touch.

If you are planning to take a visit to the hair salon, you can decide as you will surely be in safe hands.

Also, do not forget to pre-book your appointment before you take a visit.

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