Are You Planning To Do Hair Color? Note These 6 Things!

If you are dreaming of a soft and naturally beautiful looking hair, you can choose the adventurous rainbow hair color. The colored hair has become a form of expression that can help you reveal your inner self and tells a lot about your personality. But to achieve your goals and your desired hair color, you have to understand the types of color and what can be the best color that suits you.

In this case, I would say, leave this important decision in the hands of experts at a hair salon in Tyler TX. They have years of experience and have served many clients that they can help every customer better.

Besides choosing the color, there are many other things that you should consider while choosing to color your hair. And, if you are dyeing virgin hair, i.e. coloring it for the first time then it is a more delicate task that requires more care and dedication.

Although this whole process may seem complicated but still, if you are opting to color your hair, you should keep few things in mind. Here we have discussed 6 things that you should know even before you open the box of your hair color or before you visit the best hair salon in Tyler Texas.

Hair Length affects the amount of Color

If your hair is longer than shoulder or very thick then you need at least two full boxes of hair color to fully color your hair. Also, when you are visiting a salon, keep in mind that your hair coloring cost could raise because of your long hair length.

Managing the hair color on your long hair also requires skills as the end of the long hair absorb more color. This means you have to manage the timings for your ends.

Hair Type affects in the coloring process

Your hair type has a lot to do on how the hair color comes out. As the difference in hair texture can affect the timing of your hair color process. When your hair course is large in diameter, it takes more time for the color to absorb and when the hair is fine and small in diameter, it requires a less time during the coloring process.

Also, the hair should be dry or permed so that your hair can absorb the color fast.

Cut or Perm before the Hair Color

Cutting your hair before hair coloring will ensure that you can see the full effect of your color that will enhance the hair cut even more. This will help you rock your colored hair look in a better way.

Similarly for perms!

If you want to perm then do it before applying hair color to ensure it does not interfere with your newly applied color. Or if you have opted for permanent hair color that lasts until new hair grows, then wait for 7-10 days and shampoo at least once before applying color.

The ideal time to shampoo your hair

You should usually not shampoo your hair immediately after coloring because it may remove excess oil from your hair that would have protected your scalp during the coloring process.

You should shampoo your hair at least 12-24 hours before actually coloring your hair. If you are opting for the semi-permanent or demi-permanent product then you must shampoo at least 24 hours prior. But be sure that you see the instructions and read inside the box because it may vary with the product choice.

Mixing two shades of color

You can create a new shade of hair color that you think is perfect for you. Choose 2-3 shades which are different i.e. lighter or darker than each other and make the selection of the color smartly as you don’t want to mix black with a blonde.

Also, make sure that you choose the different shades of the same brand as different hair color brand mixture may cause any side effects.

Best time to Recolor

When you wish to change the color of your hair or plan for another hair coloring process then you must wait until your roots start to show during the time of 4 to 6 weeks.

While if you have colored your hair using demi-Permanent hair color then after 28 shampoos you can try to pull off another hair color.

But keep in mind to follow the package instructions for root application to avoid color build-up problems.

Now, if you can’t wait to get your hair colored into some vibrant choice then book your appointment at a hair salon in Tyler TX and bring your dream into reality.

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