8 Seamless Hacks to Fix Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Gorgeous, easy-to-manage short length haircuts are becoming a trend these days. Many women are switching their hairstyles and getting a haircut. But, there are times when you remember your long hair and envy your old pictures.

Therefore, we feel a short hair story doesn't have to be forever. What you should opt to get rid of short hair? The answer is hair extensions! It is pure bliss and a life-saving way to get long hair instantly.

In this blog, we have shared the best tips and tricks on how to clip and blend short hair and enlisted some life-saving tips which you can follow.

So, if you are having trouble in managing your short hair or want to take a new look then scroll down below and follow the step by step guide on how to create a new attractive look with the help of hair extensions.

1. Choose a thick hair extension set

If you want to experiment with the hair color and want to try different shades, then you can mix two-colored hair extensions and wear it with your natural hair.

Layering the wefts from different set and mixing it with another color will create a beautiful effect.

Or, if you are choosing a single set, then you can opt for heaviest one as you will need more hair to fall from the shorter pieces and mix with longer pieces seamlessly.

2. Clasp the lower part of your hair

This trick works great if you want to blend hair extensions with short hair and hide the short piece of hair at the cervix of your neck. Start with sectioning your hair at the bottom and clip the rest of the hair away. Collect the remaining section, comb it, twist it, and make tapered braids and then clip the first weft of extension with some bobby pins.

3. Mix and match the color for added dimension

Take two different color sets of hair extension, add the dimension and depth of the hair and fix hair extensions for added color.

If you are using two different colors then while fixing the extension, alternate the two colors for a seamless blend. This will create a more natural look and creates natural-looking sun-kissed highlights without visiting out in the sun.

4. Hold your roots for more grips

You may need an added grip to hold your roots especially if you have fine hair. You can create a tight grip if you have finer hair. You can do back combing of your hair strands and add a strip to your natural hair.

5. Clip hair extension higher than usual

When you are clipping your hair extension on your short hair, make sure you clipped it higher and cover your natural hair as much as possible. Ensure that your extensions sit at the higher head of your hair and looks finished. Add it all along with your head until you cover your full head nicely.

6. Build a long weft to cover your short layers

Once you have reached the wide part of your hair, like in-between your eyebrows, then you can clip 3-clip wefts side by side. It will create a layer beside each other and you can overlap lightly across the entire back of her head, and cover all the short hair layers.

Clip your last four sections in a way that it sticks perfectly at the back of your hair. By doing this, you could easily lock down the wefts of your clipped hair and can create a consistent weft that covers the rest.

7. Add a face frame at the front

To create a more natural look, you can cut both the 3-clip wefts so that it creates a section in the front and make it shorter at the face. This will help in creating face-framing layers which will be blended into shorter layers more naturally. A hair salon expert hairdresser can help you in fixing the hair perfectly on your head and further on they use cut natural hair, making it a professional look!

Additionally, you can finish the clip with clip wefts and fix it to add more volume and length to your hair. You can choose to place it behind your ears and put the dark ones first and then choose the light shade closer to your face.

8. Create curl and waves

Though it is your choice, which type of hair texture you want. You can go for a wave and curl as it will look more attractive on colored hair extensions.

Use a straightener to wave your hair and curler to give a finished curly look. Although you can also do it before if you want to avoid using heating tool near your face. Just do a touch up with a few curls and blend it nicely with the extensions.

Straightener can help you curling the shorter hair inwards and for long hair, you can choose curler to achieve a sleek, seamless transition.

Wrapping Up

Hope these tips and tricks of hair extension have helped you in combatting your issue with small hair.

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